I will dedicate my premiership to fixing this problem [of home ownership] – to restoring hope. To renewing the British Dream for a new generation of people. And that means fixing our broken housing market.

The Land Promoters and Developers Federation

Too many people in this country feel the housing market is not working for them. So, how do we fix this?

We believe we can achieve more when it comes to looking for a solution if we work together than as individual so, as a sector, we have come together to collaboratively work out how, beyond our existing work, land promoters and developers can contribute to finding a solution to the undersupply of housing in this country.

The perceived opacity, complicated and lengthy nature of the planning system is commonly blamed for the supply of housing not meeting the demand for new homes. Within this, the role land promoters play in the delivery of housing, infrastructure and entire new communities is often misunderstood. The Land Promoters and Developers Federation consists of a number of key players in the sector, both large and small, who have come together to speak with one voice on common issues relating to housing delivery. We want to dispense with some of the myths and misconceptions around the role of land promoters and developers by highlighting the expertise and track record of our members as well as through research relating to the sector as a whole.

By coming together, despite our competing interests, our ambition is to enhance the current debate on housing supply and be part of the process of finding solutions that makes the future for those still searching for a home of their own a brighter one.

Revised NPPF

The LPDF welcome the publication of the revised NPPF on 24th July 2018.  We welcome the Government’s continued commitment to significantly boosting the supply of housing and Members of the LPDF look forward to working with the Local Authorities, statutory consultees, communities and all other parties as we strive to achieve the delivery of homes that the country desperately needs.

Whilst the detailed wording of the policy and – more importantly – the implementation of that policy in practice will only be understood over time, the members of the LPDF welcome the opportunities provided by the document and in particular welcome the accompanying amendment to the Planning Practice Guidance seeking to amend the methodology as appropriate in order to ensure that the Government’s target of 300,000 new homes per year by the mid-2020s is achievable.

The revised NPPF can be found here.


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