We Are A Not-For-Profit Organisation That Represents Members Specialising In Land Promotion And Development

As a federation we are working together to help shape national and local policy on issues affecting land promoters and the sector as a whole

We are bringing the voice of an underrepresented part of the planning process into the housing debate and highlighting the expertise of land promoters when it comes to bringing forward the land critical for housing.

Explore the different membership level benefits below.

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LPDF Conference 2023

A really informative and interesting event with some great guest speakers. Thank you.

Rob O’Carroll
Bloor Homes

Another very well organised event with a really engaging line up of speakers and insightful discussion.

Kirstie Clifton
Define Planning

LPDF Summer Party 2023

TGreat event, great venue and great people, well done.

Chris Young KC
No5 Chambers

Great afternoon out and good to catch up with some familiar faces.

Becky Ryan
Orion Heritage

LPDF Annual Lunch 2023

Great to see our community coming together. A very special day. Well done Paul and the team.

Hugo Kirby
Ptarmigan Land

Thoroughly enjoyable event, superbly organised. Well done to all involved.

Robert Phillips
Gleeson Land

Policy Conference - Nov 2022

Thank you to you all for yesterday’s annual policy conference. A very informative day with some great speakers.

Ash Griffiths
LSL Partners

Yesterday was the best real estate conference I’ve been to for a long time. I’ll be reporting as such to master developer/housebuilding clients – thanks again.

Iain Thomson
Bellona Advisors

Membership Details

  • Applications for membership are welcomed from those who risk financial capital by putting in place contracts in relation to land and then fund the ongoing investment in planning costs to establish the principle of residential development.
  • This means, that whether you are a ‘pure’ land promoter, housebuilder, senior living developer, registered provider or participate in the build to rent sector, if you meet the criteria above then you are applicable for full membership.
  • All members are expected to share our values listed within the website.
  • Affiliates are a valuable part of the LPDF and include solicitors, planning consultants, engineers and other related disciplines.


Membership Benefits



Ability to serve on the Board, Policy and Technical Committee and any other Committee/Working Group established for LPDF purposes with membership of the Committees re-elected every three years.
Ability to assist in shaping the future research programme of the LPDF and to contribute to the output of that the research.
Ability to request one-on-one discussions with a member of the LPDF team either in person (at your chosen location) or by video call, to discuss specific issues, seek advice or to influence LPDF activities.
Ability to suggest questions to be raised by LPDF staff at forthcoming meetings with key stakeholders such as government departments, politicians and piers of the realm, PINS etc.
Priority booking for seminars and networking events with early bird discounts applied where applicable.
Circulation of a monthly success bulletin covering all members achievements that have been conveyed to the LPDF over the previous month.
Ability to contribute towards and shape consultation responses prepared by the LPDF on behalf of its members.
Ability to use consultation responses prepared by the LPDF as a basis for your organisation’s representations.
Ability to participate in all LPDF CPD accredited seminars and networking events both in-person and on-line, with a number of member only events organised throughout the year.
Unlimited spaces available for attendance at seminars and networking events.
Access to full member meetings (usually held via Zoom) every 6 weeks to discuss current issues affecting the planning and housebuilding sectors.
Access to affiliate meetings held every 6 months to discuss current issues affecting the planning and housebuilding sectors.
Circulation of a weekly newsletter with news, articles and a media update.
Circulation of a monthly detailed policy bulletin covering key policy announcements.     
Access to all LPDF research reports and free use of the findings.
Free use of all LPDF branding material.
Free use of images and videos produced by the LPDF

* Excluding member only events - **Limited to 2 persons per event.

Membership Fees

Affiliates: £2,625 per annum pro rata, plus VAT

Full Membership: Fees are scaled and based on the number of employees or the number of units built per annum for housebuilders.

Find out more: Use the form to apply and receive more details.

(The Federation is continually evolving, and membership benefits may be updated or changed at any time without prior notice)



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