Land Promoters and Developers Federation

We’re ending the year on a high as land and development specialist Rainier Developments becomes the latest company to join the LPDF as a full member.

In the last few weeks we’ve had several new members join our ranks, bringing the total membership to 84 of our sector’s leading companies.

Rainier Developments is a privately owned development company that specialises in strategic land promotion and the development of urban brownfield sites. It has extensive experience within its executive team which works collaboratively with landowners, local authorities and other stakeholders on all aspects of the development process.

This approach, aided by its carefully selected external consultants, seeks to ensure that each development site is optimised and delivered in the most efficient manner possible.

Rainier Developments is continually reviewing new opportunities and provides a very flexible approach when acquiring development sites. For further information regarding Rainier

Developments and its recent track record please visit