Land Promoters and Developers Federation

None of us is immune to Covid-19 or the huge impact it is going to have on British businesses.

The housing sector has been through many recessions and tends to come out of each better prepared to fight the next challenge. Here at the LPDF, we are certain that the housbuilding industry will be critical to the economic recovery.

We will be working constructively and positively with the LPAs through the challenging months ahead to ensure that planning applications are determined.

We will also impress on Government the critical role that the sector plays in housing delivery as we encourage it to provide further support for businesses through this difficult period.

There is some excellent advice and information online to help us all navigate the crisis so that we come out of it fit and ready to successfully drive the business recovery.

The Government's advice to employers.

The CLA offers  comprehensive advice for our sector.

The IOD has launched a business support hub.